Why I'm Different

When you hire Tess Frame for voice overs you get the energy and exuberance of youth with the professionalism of years of industry experience.

Customer Feedback

Tess has the professional and direct sound that you’re looking for. Her voice style is upbeat and bright and cuts through the clutter of everyday commercials! Don’t wait put her voice to work for YOU!”

D.K. Pierce | ARK-LA-MS Radio Group, LLC.

“Tess is a quick learner and her work ethic is unmatched. She brings a true passion to her work which is rare these days in our buisness. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated individual to the task at hand, a do-what-ever-it takes mentality to help grow your product, and who brings a unique and distinctive voice over to your product.”

Brad Allen | Journal Broadcast Group | Knoxville, TN

Tess is a breath of fresh air. She gave us the fun but relatable voice we were looking for. She nailed the read first time and she is awesome to work with!”

Sean McNally | WQLK | Kicks 96 | Richmond, Indiana

“I would highly recommend Tess for any of your voice over projects.  She has an amazing voice that is unique and energetic. These are essential qualities for a highly professional voice over.  Tess provides a very quick response and will ensure that you are happy with the finished audio.  She definitely went above and beyond our expectations. You will be impressed and happy with her voice over…”

Thomas Curran | National Sales Director, Hollywood 360  - http://www.hollywood360radio.com/